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Cream Puffs


Petit Fours

Chocolate Eclairs

Mini Tarts

Mille feuille


Chocolates Truffles

Customized cakes for all your special  occassions & much more


CLASSIC CAKE POPS-Basic chocolate or vanilla cake and frosting. Dipped in your choice of chocolate candy coating color topped with rainbow sprinkles (or your color of choice).


GOURMET CAKE POPS-Specially combined flavours of cake and frosting; dipped and decorated to compliment the gourmet flavour of choice.


SPECIALTY CAKE POPS-Your choice of cake and frosting shaped and dipped according to a special theme or occasion. Popular choices/themes include babies in bonnets for baby showers, brides and grooms dress and tux for weddings, flowers for mothers day, sports balls for fathers day, apples for teachers, cupcakes for birthdays, and so much more!


All our chocolates are handmade with premium quality cocoa. 

A large selection of individual chocolates and shapes for all your special occassions.

Special orders on demand


Our heavenly sins!

We have a large selection of cakes,homemade pies, individual pastries, etc. You have something for every taste starting with the Strawberry cheesecake, Pina Colda cake, Devil's Chocolate, the strawberry, apple, pecan and of course the sugar pie along with our chocolate eclairs, cream puffs or custard mille-feuilles plus many more...


You are a little bit eccentric?

So be it...Your cake will have its own unique style because we will personalize it according to your taste and your personality.

At Tanya's Delicious Delights... customer satisfaction is our priority!!!


Or you really love flowers but...

You tend to prefer the classic style?


You will have the choice between many cake flavors and succulent creams with fruits, chocolate, hazelnuts, etc.


The selections are almost endless!