Tanya's Delicious Delights

It's Simply Irresistibly Delicious


Welcome to my yummy website. My baked goods aren't just yummy they're delicious.


I offer a variety of delicious homemade desserts for all events and special occasions.


From mouth watering flavors to artistic decoration. Every cake, cupcakes & cake pops,  are customized to your specifications.


One bite and you will keep coming back for more.









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  • "Oh...don't even start about Tanya's killer cupcakes. I just had a flashback. I'm thinking of asking (begging) Tanya to move in next door - they're THAT GOOD!!!"
    Wanda Malfara
  • "Tanya's desserts are amazing - from the Wedding Cake to Cupcakes WOW! I had a chance to taste them at the Love Share Events Wedding this past Friday, what a delicious treat - hi..."
    Candice Minch

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